Carmel School, Giridih
Alkapuri, Giridih, Jharkhand, Eastern Province, 815301 India
Phone: +91 9234222169/9470146769, E-mail:

Extracurricular Activities

Activities like elocution, debate, quiz, declamation, dance, music, sports and games are held and points are awarded. At the end of the year, the house with most points is awarded a running trophy. Pupils are individually given certificates for outstanding performances.

Community service

The school encourages students to participate in various community building activities such as helping poor students, organizing public awareness campaigns, etc. The School has adopted some villages and taken the responsibility of educating their children, The senior school students regularly visit the villages and take classes for the under privileged kids.


The school has its own play grounds for football, cricket along with courts for basketball and volleyball. Kabaddi, Kho kho, slow cycling race are other sports being played here. Every year a Sports day and students are given a break from classes to participate in various sports. Various Athletics events are held for students. Junior students also participate in events such as Sack Race, Spoon race, Copy race, etc.


Races 800, 400m, 200m, 100m, Relay race, Shot put throw, Discus throw, Long-jump, Triple-jump, High-jump etc. are held for boys and girls, and points are awarded house-wise to the four houses namely Rose, Shamrock, Sunflower and Violet. Students have won athletics events at the national level[15] Some of the prominent Athletes of the school in the past were Shahrukh Azad, Rizwan, Azhar and Faiz.


It is a popular sport among the students who compete in an annual Cricket championship among various houses. The school team also plays matches with other school in the district which are conducted by school authorities.


Students compete in an annual Football championship among various houses. The Final matches of the football championship are popular and the students are given a break from classes to cheer up their teams.